Incense Scents Meanings and Uses

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By / 14 November 2023

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

  • Lavender Cleansing and healing Burn before bed to promote sleep
  • Lemon Energizing and Invigorating Burn in the kitchen to create a clean and atmosphere
  • Nag Champa Recentering and refocusing Burn when working on a project or studying
  • Jasmine Creative an inspiring Burn when painting, writing, or doing any artistic activity
  • Clove Cleansing and focusing Burn to remove negative energies and improve concentration
  • Amber Sensual and romantic Burn to set the mood for love an intimacy
  • Cedar Purifying and protective Burn to clear negative energy and ward off evil
  • Cherry Soothing and relaxing Burn to calm the nerves and reduce stress
  • Cinnamon Passionate and aphrodisiac Burn to enhance sexual desire and energy
  • Citronella Refreshing and respelling Burn to enjoy the outdoors an keep insects away
  • Coconut Calming and relaxing Burn to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Coffee Divinity and cleansing Burn to enhance psychic abilities and dispel nightmares
  • Divino Nino Blessing and faith Burn to protect children and increase spirituality
  • Fast Luck Lucky and prosperous Burn to attract good fortune and success
  • Frankincense Sacred and meditative Burn to connect to the divine and enhance prayer
  • Gardenia Peaceful and harmonious Burn to promote peace and harmony in the home
  • Myrrh Healing and protective Burn to heal wounds and prevent infections
  • Patchouli Earthy and grounding Burn to connect with nature and balance chakras
  • Rose Loving and compassionate Burn to attract love and enhance relationships
  • Sage Cleansing and purifying Burn to remove negative energy and cleanse the space
  • Sandalwood Spiritual and calming Burn to achieve a sense of spiritual well being
  • ve a state of tranquility and meditation
  • Vanilla Sweet and comforting Burn to create a cozy and warm atmosphere
  • Vetiver Relaxing and soothing Burn to ease tension an anxiety
  • Ylang Ylang Exotic and sensual Burn to stimulate the senses and increase attraction

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